Julian Taylor “Weighing Down” – Don’t carry the weight of the world…

Photo: Robert Georgeff

Excited to be sharing the latest single from Julian Taylor?  Of course.  How does it sound?  Excellent!  ‘Weighing Down‘ is the first taste of the upcoming album ‘Pathways, which will be released on September 27, 2024, by the Howling Turtle, Inc. label.  It’s a song that finds Julian Taylor in a reflective mood, and with his vocal carried by the truly aching pedal steel of Jim Hoke he ponders times when “We didn’t get it right, but wanted to.”

Julian has explained the background to the song, saying that it draws on those feelings where:  “All of us are our own worst enemies. All of us are so hard on ourselves.  That kind of pressure, and the way it affects our health, both mentally and physically – that’s the weighing down of the world we put on our own shoulders because of things we think we’ve done wrong. What I’m saying here is, I’ve got to relieve myself from all of this hurt – and so do you.” 

And this is the point where we recommend that you hit play, you’ll not regret it.  There’s a balm from mental turmoil here.

Weighing Down‘ features Julian Taylor – Vocal, Guitar; Colin Linden – Harmony Vocal; Jamie Dick – Drums; Viktor Krauss – Upright Bass; Jim Hoke – Pedal Steel; Janice Powers – B3 Organ; Brandon Robert Young – Harmony Vocals.

Oh – and one more nugget for you all – Julian Taylor will be touring the UK from August 22nd to the 31st, dates to be announced soon.

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