Karen Dalton’s “In My Own Time” gets 50th anniversary release

Karen Dalton portrait. 28/04/1971. Photo : Christian Rose/Fastimage

Classic album ‘In My Time‘ by folk legend Karen Dalton will be rereleased in March 2022 by reissue specialists Light in the Attic Records. The album features Dalton’s covers, including ‘Take Me‘ by George Jones and ‘In my Own Dream‘ by Paul Butterfield. The record also includes a Scottish folk song, ‘Kate Cruel‘, and the duet written by her husband Richard Tucker, ‘Are You Leaving for the Country’. The super deluxe edition will include alternative takes and songs recorded live in 1971 at The Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival and Beat Club. The documentary film of the album as a portrait of Karen Dalton was shown in the UK at the music documentary festival series Doc n’ Roll this year.

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All formats can be preordered on the artist’s website.

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Jeremy Courtnadge

The album is ‘In My Own Time’. I’ve been listening to Karen Dalton for years but I won’t be buying this, nor did I buy the RSD issue of ‘Recording Is The Trip’. The prices charged for ‘Super Deluxe Reissues’ is disgraceful, especially considering most devotees will already have most of the material.

Spend the money on Karen’s other available albums.


Considering the astronomical prices dealers are charging for Karen’s first album, “It’s So Hard…”, some reissues would be quite welcome.