Keegan McInroe “Uncouth Pilgrims” (Independent, 2016)

keegan-mcinroe-2016‘Uncouth Pilgrims’ is Texas-based singer-songwriter Keegan McInroe’s fourth studio album. The fourteen songs on show deliver some great storytelling and musicianship. At first listen, some of the songs maybe don’t appear that original, with relatively familiar chords structures and feel. It might also be said that Keegan’s vocals aren’t necessarily the strongest. However, whilst his pitching might not always be musically perfect, it is offset by the gruff charm and style of his delivery. That and some great lyrics carry the day and repeated listens highlight more depth to the songs than is first apparent.

Keegan brings his perspective as a travelling troubadour to the album, singing, amongst other things, about his experiences in Verona and Barcelona. It is a nice juxtaposition to the traditional folk/country style of the music and works well.

He also has around him some great musicians who regularly deliver the goods, whether it is Roger Ray’s pedal steel playing, Gary Grammer’s harmonica or the earthy backing vocals from the three ‘Cs’, Claudia, Candy and Chelsea on ‘I Got Trouble’, the delivery is top notch. Don’t be put off on first play as this is an album that grows with every spin.



An album that grows with every spin

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