Kim Richey “Come Around” – Listen

Rather than just re-issue ‘Glimmer’ for its 20th anniversary Kim Richey decided to re-imagine the songs and come up with a whole new album.  Entitled ‘A Long Way Back: The Songs of Glimmer‘ it’ll be released on Yep Roc Records on March 27th.  Kim Richey says that “all of the original 14 songs from this new album were recorded in producer Doug Lancio’s basement studio and given a more intimate treatment.  It was great to revisit these old friends and be able to make them available again to fans.”

There’s a wonderful warmth to the teaser track released ahead of the album, with Richey singing wonderfully on ‘Come Around‘ of what should have been a total and redeeming love which has gone awry: “It doesn’t seem like much to ask / To live a life that isn’t caught up in the past / But there’s really no place else on earth / For me right now / I wish you’d come around “.  It drifts through the mind like a healing balm – just beautiful.

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