Lachlan Bryan & the Wildes head to UK for ripper dates

Aussie alt-country/Americana outfit Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes have announced their return to the UK next month including an appearance at Maverick Festival; along with the European release of their fourth album ‘Some Girls (Quite) Like Country Music’ on June 29th. The album opens with the band’s semi-political brand new single ‘I Hope That I’m Wrong’ which you can hear below.

In the words of lead singer and songwriter Bryan: “I wrote this song around October 2017. It was about 9 o’clock in the morning, and I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen and I sat down and read the newspaper. The song started playing in my head and it was as though every headline I read triggered a new line or a new verse. I guess it was around the time that the #MeToo movement started, and as soon as I wrote the opening words “Women, do what you must/There’s not a man in the world you can trust” I knew that I wanted that to be the first line anybody hears on the new album (which we were already halfway through recording)… If someone had told me I would one day come up with a song that discussed climate change, greed, poverty and sexual harassment I’d have told them they had me mistaken for somebody else. But I guess that’s what this is, and it took about as long to write as it does to sing.”

Lachlan Ryan & the Wildes UK Dates 2018

Wed 27 June: What’s Cookin, Leytonstone, London
Thurs 28 June: Chapel Arts Centre, Bath, UK + Dan Webster (UK)
Friday 29 June: The Howlin Wolf, Glasgow + Imogen Clarke (Aus)
Sat 30 June: MacSorleys Music Bar, Glasgow + The Weeping Willows (Aus)
Tues 3 July: The Winning post, York + Amelia White (USA) and Dan Webster (UK)
Weds 4 July: The Woodend Gallery, Scarborough + The Roamin Jasmine (USA)
Thurs 5 July: The Green Note, London + Jonathan Byrd (USA)
Fri 6/7 July: Maverick Festival, Woodbridge, Suffolk

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