Lindsay Ellyn “Queen of Nothing”

Queuerecords, 2021

Artwork for Lyndsay Ellyn album "Queen of Nothing"

Assured vocal delivery of personal and reflective songs.

Artwork for Lyndsay Ellyn album "Queen of Nothing"Lindsay Ellyn’s voice is what lingers in the mind after listening to this, her debut album. With an ability to express emotions ranging from musing regret & wry reflection to heated anger, she brings us a collection of songs derived from her own unique experience. Radio-friendly musical backing, though at times lacking in zest, actually performs the task of letting Ellyn’s vocals come to the forefront, a benefit sonically but also giving the listener clarity to interpret the message of her songs.

The opening track, ‘Dirty Fingers’ suggests that most of us may be striving to do better but ultimately we all have to deal with being flawed on our journey through life. ‘Somebody Love Those Girls’ empathises with women who may be persuaded to conform to societal expectations whilst being non the happier for it. ‘Helpless’ brings out the gentle side to Ellyn’s vocals and has a beguiling feeling of swaying resignation. A choir-like intro to, ‘Glory Glory’ segues into soaring lead guitar and an exploration of parental relationships. Mean and moody is the tone for the revenge song, ‘Raising Hell’ with suitably acidic vocal leanings.

Reflecting on her role in the music industry, Ellyn opines “They say Nashville is a five-year town, it took me five years to try lots of different things and then come back to my voice and my thing. I spent so many years stressing about what I should be doing and how my songs ‘should’ be coming together. I finally decided I’m just going to do what I want to do and make the album I want to make.” With, ‘Queen of Nothing’ Ellyn has let her own voice shine both musically and lyrically demonstrating a refreshing independent spirit that deserves to persist amongst the denizens of Music City and further afield.


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