Lindsay Munroe “Split” – Listen

Split‘, the new song from Lindsay Munroe comes from a deeper personal place than just a failed relationship.  Well, maybe that’s not wholly true.  With this edgy and  distorted music the Manchester based songwriter addresses a big loss “I can’t love you when I’m so ashamed / I split myself in two every time I toed the line just to skip a fight / It’s in the silver pieces of my shame I find myself again.

It’s a spiritual loss that’s being sung of, a loss of faith – or at least a rejection of a stifling religious framework within which faith was used as an instrument of control.  “Split is one of the rawest songs I have written” says Munroe. “I spent my early 20s in conservative religious environments, embedded in black-and-white thinking and beliefs. Increasingly I felt like I had to leave part of myself at the door, painfully unable to be open about my life and choices. Split came from an attempt to move beyond the hurt and exhaustion of that situation.”

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