Luke Sital-Singh “Undefeated” – Listen

‘New Haze’ is the upcoming EP from Luke Sital-Singh, which will be released on April 3rd.  In advance of this is the single ‘Undefeated’ which is a co-write with Matt Hales of the band Aqualung.  The song – and in fact the whole EP – was recorded in LA, the city that Luke Sital-Singh relocated to last year.

Sityal-Singh describes ‘Undefeated’ as one of his “‘old man raging at the sun’ kinda songs”  as he elaborates – “I often get bewildered-looking back at my life and thinking how fast it speeds by whilst at the same time how slow it crawls on. It’s confusing to say the least and my collaborator, Matt Hales, had a great idea to put the verse into a non-standard time signature which accented the time confusion. Clever chap. Whenever I’m at my lowest I let all these existential fears about time drag me down, so this a nice reminder that I’m, so far, undefeated.

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