Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh “All The Ways You Sing In The Dark” (Nettwerk Records, 2020)

‘All the Ways You Sing In The Dark’ lasts thirteen minutes and leaves you longing for more.  The four songs on the EP come from a collaboration between Sital-Singh and Ben Cramer last summer and retain that feeling of airy freedom.  The opener `Call Me When You Land’ is irresistible.  A gentle strumming guitar starts, the duo trade verses, plush strings emerge and Singh’s gorgeous high register carries the chorus. In a less fragmented musical market this would be one of those old-fashioned hits secretly enjoyed by the musical cognoscenti. Continue reading “Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh “All The Ways You Sing In The Dark” (Nettwerk Records, 2020)”

Video: Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh “Summertime Low”

The voices of Luke Sital-Singh and Ben Cramer (AKA Old Sea Brigade) combine beautifully, once again, on ‘Summertime Low’.  It’s the latest single from the jointly-written EP, ‘All the Ways You Sing in the Dark’, due for release on 28th August.  Cramer says: “It’s a dog days of summer moment.  Some days you feel so lazy. The next thing you know, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon and you feel a little down, because you haven’t done anything.  Sital-Singh adds: “It feels like a good summation of the whole EP.  We’re asking existential questions coupled with hope and thinking of ways life can be better.”  Their collaboration is bringing out the best in two artists who are already accomplished performers and songwriters.  ‘Summertime Low’ is a gorgeous, gently melodic soundtrack for the summer.

Video: Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh “Call Me When You Land”

‘Call Me When You Land’ features a beautiful, collaborative vocal from Luke Sital Singh and Old Sea Brigade (AKA Nashville-based Ben Cramer).  It’s a shimmering, dreamy song for the summer and is the lead single from a new EP, ‘All the Ways You Sing in the Dark’, due out on 28th August.  Cramer says of the single: “I’m really proud of the lyrics to this one, they’re a little more playful and sarcastic than is usual for me.  ‘Only advertisers know me’ might be my best attempt yet to summarise what it means to be human in the 21st century.”  Indeed, those few words concisely sum up where we are now.

Luke Sital-Singh “New Haze”(EP) (Raygun Music, 2020)

Americana is a broad church, one which warmly welcomes L.A. dweller and English ex-pat Luke Sital-Singh to its blended choir. Sital-Singh got his big break in 2017 writing a song that was used for Silent Witness and is now based in LA. His acoustic, almost lullaby, singer-songwriter style straddles dream pop and folk, but like most interesting music, defies strict generalisation. Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh “New Haze”(EP) (Raygun Music, 2020)”

Video: Luke Sital-Singh “Skin of a Fool”

The line: “I’m getting dressed for the first time in ages,” will resonate with many of us now!  As you would expect from Sital-Singh, this new song features his beautifully delicate vocals, smart lyrics and a rising, soaring melody.  It’s taken from his new EP, ‘New Haze’, which features collaborations with Matt Hales (Aqualung), Steve Aeillo, Ciaran Lavery and John Smith, who worked on this song with him.  Sital-Singh says: “This video was meant as a fun interpretation and expression of the song title, but watching it again, given recent events, I think the isolated and deserted atmosphere has a whole new meaning.”  The deserted cityscapes certainly have an eerie familiarity.  Excellent.

AUK Mini-Gig Tribute: Luke Sital-Singh Sings John Prine

This morning we woke to the news that John Prine had died due to complications arising from Covid-19.  Prine is so revered for his song-writing and story-telling that many feel devastated by his passing and there has been a huge response from the music community, led by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Jason Isbell, Margo Price and Sturgill Simpson.  At this time of deepest sadness, our thoughts are with his family and close friends.  Prine leaves a wonderful legacy: both a body of work that will live on and huge numbers of artists influenced by his songs. Continue reading “AUK Mini-Gig Tribute: Luke Sital-Singh Sings John Prine”

Luke Sital-Singh “Undefeated” – Listen

‘New Haze’ is the upcoming EP from Luke Sital-Singh, which will be released on April 3rd.  In advance of this is the single ‘Undefeated’ which is a co-write with Matt Hales of the band Aqualung.  The song – and in fact the whole EP – was recorded in LA, the city that Luke Sital-Singh relocated to last year. Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh “Undefeated” – Listen”

Luke Sital-Singh announces UK dates for April

We leave you this weekend dear reader with news that following his short run of dates in December, Luke Sital-Singh has announced a more extensive UK Tour in support of his upcoming new album, ‘A Golden State’, which is out April 5th on Raygun Records via The Orchard.  Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh announces UK dates for April”