Luke Tuchscherer “Shadows – Touring EP” (Clubhouse Records, 2018)

Ever since seeing Tuchscherer performing with the band The Whybirds in a small Bedford pub this reviewer has been quite partial to their (and his) take on the classic Americana driving song style of most of their material. You know. The jaunty guitars and perhaps a Hammond being propelled by a solid rhythm section and songs about highways, falling in love, poker or good things turned bad. And with his touring EP LT (can’t be writing that name lots of times, I’ll get it wrong!) has delivered something that holds true to the template and some.

Opening with the crunchy guitars ‘Just Like Holden’ is a glorious Ginblossomsesque number that really rattles along highlighting as it does LT’s knack for a great vocal and punchy melody and chorus. ‘Easy to Fall’ follows the same lines almost too closely – punchy guitar, classy vocal and melody. The title track is similar and possibly the weakest track on the EP. Final track ‘New Year’s Day’ changes things up with a delicate meditation of renewal and reflection, a really beautiful track with some lovely string work. So there it is – a touring EP that highlights tracks that will sound fabulous live – go see him!



Touring EP from Home Counties Americana stalwart

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