Mary Bue “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” – Featuring a Dark Pony

Photo: Ilia Stockert

A song by Tom Petty and Mike Campbell, best known of course from its recording by Stevie Nicks, but here’s a new version by Mary Bue on which she sings, plays keyboards, harmonium and guitar and everything else – duetting vocals,  guitar,  bass, glockenspiel, synth,  and percussion are provided by Jonny Herchert, who, you may recall, also records under the name Dark Pony. We covered his album ‘Suburban Serenade Vol. 1‘  about twelve years ago.  The Minneapolis based got together in the studio to record whilst Bue was putting together  her new album  ‘The Wildness of Living & Dying’ (out this Autumn).  Having been introduced by  mutual friends they found a vast mutual appreciation for Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, and beyond.  This song felt fitting for certain aspects of Mary’s life,  so she jokingly tossed it out for them to cover as a fun side project.  They went for it,  crafting this song at Jonny’s studio on a small island in the Mississippi River.

As well as being a songwriter, Mary Bue is an international retreat guide and yoga teacher who weaves sacred subject matter into her songs, seeking deeper levels of consciousness, and expressing her concern for the environment.  Jonny Herchert, as well as recording as Dark Pony, is the founder of Deck Night recording studio and records.

The song, of course, needs no introduction, this version plays on Petty’s psychedelic influences.


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