Milk Carton Kids “Younger Years” – Listen

What more superlatives can we pluck from our mighty chest of superlatives to apply to The Milk Carton Kids?  And what more can we say about the new album ‘All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do‘ other than it’s going to be making a lot of Best Of lists this year ?  And what of this song?  What of this delicate beauty of a song that sounds like it’s been living in your heart for an eternity?  One last question – why aren’t you listening to ‘Younger Years‘ yet ?

Author: Jonathan Aird

Sure, I could climb high in a tree, or go to Skye on my holiday. I could be happy. All I really want is the excitement of first hearing The Byrds, the amazement of decades of Dylan's music, or the thrill of seeing a band like The Long Ryders live. That's not much to ask, is it?

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