Mouths Of Babes “Summertime” – the living is, apparently, easy

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There seems to be so much irony around this song – truth comes out of the mouths of babes of course, but just possibly the idea here is that Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth are Babes with, umm, mouths.  Do we still say Babes?

Add in the irony that ‘Summertime‘ is now running in what is technically the Autumn, but also on a day which is outshining virtually the whole of the Summer.  It’s a crazy mixed up world, but here’s a little moment of clarity.

Summertime‘ is a love song, pure and simple, but Ingrid Elizabeth has explained a little more about the song: “I am a firm believer that we need to ‘write the country/Americana songs we want to hear in the world,’ and in my case, that’s a song where queer love is the protagonist who is allowed to be seen and celebrated, despite a small town culture.  I believe that we queer country kids should get to have our ‘summer love song’ radio hits, too. When it comes to inclusivity, Americana music has come a long way in the last few years, certainly since I first wrote this song 15 years ago. But in this current political climate, to proudly proclaim ‘boys like her like the girls like me’ is inherently political, and more necessary than ever.

Summertime‘ comes from the new album ‘World Brand New,’ out on October 6th.

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David D Harper

Whatever your views on LGBTQ+ lyrics, the solo delivery is solid, and the harmony bits bring it skybound.