Neal Casal “Too Far to Fall” – Listen

We leave you this weekend dear readers with a track from the late Neal Casal who died earlier this week at the age of 50. Americana has had its fair share of losses in recent months and this was one of the most painful. Neal Casal was part of what got me into americana in the first place after hearing a song on Uncut’s ‘New Sounds of the Old West’ compilation in the 90s and I remember being on holiday in France a couple of summers later where the only music I took with me was his. It was this track though from 2006’s ‘No Wish To Reminisce’ album which has stayed with me ever since I first heard it as one of my favourite songs of all time. God that man could write. RIP Neal.

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Mark Underwood

Hi Mark, just revisiting these posts about Neal Casal. I was reminiscing with Lisa Redford at the ‘Leaving Traces’ night organised on the 2nd of November last year and we spoke about the Sounds of the New West CD and how influential it had been on both of us. I’m sure the song would have been “Today I’m Gonna Bleed”, which was a massive song for me as well when Uncut came out in 1998. Even better, Lisa did a lovely version of the song the same evening. Probably only about 40 of us in attendance on the evening but such a memorable night.