Classic Neal Casal to be released on vinyl next month

Neal Casal’s debut record, ‘Fade Away Diamond Time’, was released in 1995 to much critical acclaim. Produced by Jim Scott (Wilco, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash) and recorded with a stellar cast of players in a sprawling mansion in the hills of Santa Ynez, California, the album introduced the intimate songwriting and lyrical guitar work that would become the foundation of his career. Since that original release, the record has become a cult classic and will finally be re-issued for its 25th anniversary next month in Europe via the new reissue imprint Not Fade Away Recording Co. Continue reading “Classic Neal Casal to be released on vinyl next month”

Neal Casal Foundation and tribute album announced

A tribute album featuring Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and Beachwood Sparks among others was announced yesterday along with details of a new Neal Casal Music Foundation (NCMF) which has been created “to honour the memory of the late great, multi-dimensional artist through an ongoing series of charitable endeavors.” The initial focus of the foundation is to provide instruments and lessons to students in New Jersey and New York state schools where Casal was born and raised, as well as to make donations to mental health organizations that support musicians in need. NCMF is being spearheaded by Neal’s longtime manager Gary Waldman along with a team of Casal’s friends. Continue reading “Neal Casal Foundation and tribute album announced”

GospelbeacH + The Swells, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 27th February 2020

2019 was a mixed year for GospelbeacH. Their fourth album ‘Let It Burn’ was released to critical acclaim in October, just two months after the death of Neal Casal, whose exquisite guitar playing is one of the features of the record. Tonight, GospelbeacH main man Brent Rademaker paid tribute to Casal with some warm words and by calling upon the audience to observe a few moments of silence in his memory. The silence was impeccably observed. However, it was arguably the band’s wonderful trademark Californian sound, brought alive tonight in a scintillating performance, that was their most fitting tribute of all. Continue reading “GospelbeacH + The Swells, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 27th February 2020”

GospelbeacH keep the flame burning with UK tour next month

AUK favourites, GospelbeacH, have announced five UK dates following the release of their latest album, ‘Let It Burn’ which came out last October through Alive Naturalsound Records. The record has the same sunny California disposition for which the band are renowned, infused with a late ’60s/early ’70s cosmic country vibe and the mellifluous melodies of the Burritos, The Byrds and GP. Continue reading “GospelbeacH keep the flame burning with UK tour next month”

Americana UK introduces our new Obituaries section The Song Remains

The roots of Americana music run deep and wide and many of the early originators and influencers are now approaching or are in old age. To recognise and celebrate recently lost artists AUK will start publishing obituaries in 2020 in our The Song Remains section reflecting the fact that while an artist may have died their music, art and spirit remain with us through their recordings. To kick start this new section of the website there is a Rollcall of some of those artists lost in 2019 with a full obituary of Paul Barrere guitarist with Little Feat. Our readers’ thoughts on this new section will be very much appreciated. Continue reading “Americana UK introduces our new Obituaries section The Song Remains”

UK streaming services now include Neal Casal’s back catalogue

We found out over the weekend that selected solo albums of the late Neal Casal are now available on streaming services for the first time in the States, so we’ve checked and the good news is that they’re also available in the UK. Continue reading “UK streaming services now include Neal Casal’s back catalogue”

Neal Casal “Too Far to Fall” – Listen

We leave you this weekend dear readers with a track from the late Neal Casal who died earlier this week at the age of 50. Americana has had its fair share of losses in recent months and this was one of the most painful. Neal Casal was part of what got me into americana in the first place after hearing a song on Uncut’s ‘New Sounds of the Old West’ compilation in the 90s and I remember being on holiday in France a couple of summers later where the only music I took with me was his. It was this track though from 2006’s ‘No Wish To Reminisce’ album which has stayed with me ever since I first heard it as one of my favourite songs of all time. God that man could write. RIP Neal.

RS posts new Neal Casal interview

RS Country have posted a previously unpublished interview with Neal Casal who died earlier this week, which he gave in April and in which he talked at length about the unexpected advent of the band Circles Around the Sun (originally formed to write and record set-break music for Grateful Dead shows in 2015), how he came to play Willie Nelson’s  ‘Trigger’, and how he once played in Blackfoot. Continue reading “RS posts new Neal Casal interview”

Americana singer-songwriter Neal Casal has died

We’re only getting this news from Tweets doing the rounds at the moment but it seems that americana singer-songwriter Neal Casal passed away yesterday. As well as being an artist in his own right, he played guitar for various bands including Circles Around the Sun and their website currently has just a photo of Casal on it. Ryan Adams whose best-known records Casal played on has tweeted: Continue reading “Americana singer-songwriter Neal Casal has died”