New album from Amy Speace in April

Photo: Neilson Hubbard

The remarkable Amy Speace has announced a new album, hot on the heels of the success of ‘Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne.‘    The new album will be released on April 30th on Proper Records/Wind Bone Records and is entitled ‘There Used to be Horses Here.‘  It features eleven deeply personal songs that Amy Speace has recorded with The Orphan Brigade, songs that hook deeply into her life and in particular of her relationship with her father and her young son.

Speaking of the album Amy Speace said “A month after I turned 50, I gave birth to my son, Huckleberry. My father was present for the birth and held him within hours. My Dad was 81 years old and we both knew my Dad would not see my son grow up. In the year between my son’s birth and my father’s death, these songs spilled out of me. I grieved in writing. I wanted to illuminate my father and his stories, from the horse farm near his home that was bulldozed to make room for condos (‘There Used To Be Horses Here’) to his memory of a car ride that came back to him in a dream the night before he died (‘Down The Trail’) to a photograph found in an old album (‘Father’s Day’). I wrote to my son as I nested with him in the morning (‘One Year’, ‘Mother Is A Country’). I sang to our ailing world as the pandemic raged around us (Warren Zevon’s ‘Don’t Let Us Get Sick’).

The title track has been released in advance of the album, it’s some song.

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