New Amos Lee album out today

Amos Lee has released a new album ‘Dreamland‘ on Dualtone. This, his eighth album, has been preceded by singles ‘Worry No More‘ and brand new track ‘Into the Clearing‘ which is out today. The album comes four years after the previous album ‘My New Moon‘.
Of the album’s intimate feel Lee shares, “I’ve had a lot of episodes with anxiety in my life and now I feel much more equipped to handle them, partly because my family and friends have always been so supportive of me…thinking about healing in terms of our personal relationship to the people and the world around us. Over the course of my life I’ve come to understand that music is my bridge to other people. I have no idea what the waters are like below that bridge—it might be lava for all I know—but music allows me to float over the whole thing and connect.
The album is available on limited, signed, test pressing, and standard edition vinyl, signed and standard CD, and on digital streaming platforms. ‘Dreamland‘ is available at your favourite local record store and the artist’s website. Lee has also partnered with the Soundwaves Art Foundation to create original art out of the waveforms from the two singles ‘Worry No More‘ and ‘Into the Clearing‘ with proceeds benefiting Music Cares.

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Jeremy Courtnadge

It’s a nice album but I think it suffers in places from over-production, particularly on ‘Shoulda Known Better’. Amos has a terrific voice and he writes great stuff but I’d prefer it if there was less interference in the finished product.