Oakwalker “Ghost Town” – no future for you?

Oakwalker is a Memphis based duo – Victoria Dowdy on guitar and vocals, Ethan Baker on violin – which formed in 2020.  They pack out their sound with a rotating cast of additional musicians both in the studio and in a love setting.  Today’s song comes from their debut EP, and Oathwalker had this to say about the EP: “This is the first EP Oakwalker has released, having previously only released singles. We recorded it at Sun Studio in early 2021 with Sun’s lead engineer Crockett Hall. The music was mastered by Matt Qualls. We had an absolute blast! One of our former rotating members of the band Tyler Marberry played bass, and Graham Winchester played drums and keys and Mick Parrish also played on Ghost Town at the suggestion of Crockett. Their support and help in arranging truly helped take our songs to the next level. The 4 songs we chose were songs we had the most fun and experience playing during our live shows. 2 songs were written by Victoria and 2 were written by Ethan. The song choices also reflect the range and variety of sounds and influences that make up Oakwalker’s style.”

Ghost Town‘ has clear folk influences, there’s also a hint of ’60s counter-culture bands – you might think of an acoustic Love.  You might not.


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