Odessa “Thunder” – Listen

It’s past time for the ethereal, we’ve been denying ourselves the ethereal for far too long.  So, Odessa.  Her new album  new album ‘All Things’ was produced by Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Conor Oberst and…err..Jonathan Wilson), Wilco’s Pat Sansone, and Spoon’s Jim Eno. it’s an album of mature and personal songs, it sounds so complete that it is hard to credit that it comes from a bleak place.

Seems that Odessa got hit with a triple whammy in LA – a record deal had crumbled, her savings account depleted, and, worst of all, her creative well had run dry.  What to do?  This is LA – there is only one thing to do: head for the hills, and move into a secluded house at the top of a mountain.  It seemed like music was the last thing to be going on but – and here’s a twist you won’t have seen coming – her mojo came back, and in three months Odessa had all the material she needed to launch a new round of recording.  And what came out of all this renewed enthusiasm was the album ‘All Things‘ from which today’s crystalline beauty of a song is harvested.

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