Ole Kirkeng “Million Miles” – it’s a metaphorical distance

Photo: Julia Hrncirova

Yes, on Ole Kirkeng’s new song he sings of the distance between himself and his love: “a million miles from the taste of your kiss, a million miles away.”  We can be quite confident that this distance of which Ole Kirkeng sings so melancholically of is a metaphor for separation.  How so?  Well, if this were a literal distance, and knowing, as we do, that Kirkeng has recently returned to Norway having been out touring as the bass player in Courtney Marie Andrews’ band (and that’s her you can hear on backing vocals), we could then quite confidently place Kirkeng’s love onboard the James Webb telescope, which is happily sitting at Lagrange Point 2 some million miles from the Earth.  Since there’s nothing to breathe there this song would become even sadder.  So – metaphor (and we therefore don’t need to explain about Lagrange Points – phew!).

Million Miles‘ features Darling West’s rhythm section (Tor Egil Kreken and Thomas Gallatin), along with lead guitarist Sander Eriksen Nordahl. Norwegian guitar legend Geir Sundstøl provides the yearning pedal steel.  It’s a truly lovely song.

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