Video Premiere: Steven Denmark “Crazy Over You”

Photo credit: Jesse Lendzion

There’s a bit of everything in ‘Crazy Over You’, the latest single from California-based Steven Denmark: there’s melody and catchy hooks, fuzzy and frenetic electric guitar, gorgeously floating pedal steel from Sam Wilson and  plenty of energy.  The musicianship is impressive throughout, most notably Bryson Nelson’s outstanding drumming, which is full of power and variation, really driving the song forward and carrying us with it, tapping our feet all the way.  The sound was perfected with help of GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer Brandon Bell (The Highwomen) and mastering engineer Sam Moses (Sadler Vaden) and, by the song’s conclusion, it is sonically full and explosive.

Along with recent single ‘Only Home I Need’, ‘Crazy Over You’ was composed incredibly quickly.  Both songs came together in just five hours.  Denmark explains: “It was the fastest process ever.  I think if you sit on a song for too long or keep reworking it, you can change it over and over into something else. I really like the idea that a song is just a snapshot of that moment, a photograph of who was in the room and what we were feeling that day.”  It’s just as well that the songs were written swiftly because Denmark is a busy man, combining his music with life running a cattle ranch and being a father of three children.

Following his debut full length record ‘Cold Wind’ in 2017, Denmark released the ‘Babylon EP’ and a selection of singles.  The two recent releases seem to be bringing this first part of his solo career to a close, as he explains: “These are two songs that I felt didn’t really fit with the new album that I’m working on, but I really like them and wanted them to have their own place.  I’ve been really figuring out who I am as an artist, and these are the last of the songs where I was just experimenting with different genres and styles to see how they felt. Lyrically, I always liked the idea of leaving things to the imagination, but I think I did it too much. With these songs, I deliberately sat down and tried to write in a way that was more immediate, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone a little and try writing songs that were a little more straight forward.”

If you’re looking for something catchy, upbeat and dramatic, look no further.  Enjoy.

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