P.G. Six “I Have A House” – lives in a house, a very nice house…

The exciting news attached to today’s track is that the single is taken from the first new P.G. Six album in over ten years, ‘Murmurs & Whispers,’ which will be released on September 1st.  It would be wrong to think that Pat Gubler hasn’t been active in music all these long years – since he started in the mid-90s, first with Memphis Luxure and Tower Recordings and then as P.G. Six he’s always had a few other projects and side involvements on the go.  He’s a member of Metal Mountains,  Wet Tuna, the great Garcia Peoples and also Weeping Bong Band.  And he’s made some collaborative records with Dan Melchior (in 2019) and Louise Bock (in 2021). So pretty busy then.  But the new album is really good, as this song reveals.

‘I Have a House’ is going to make you think of Crosby in The Byrds, it is then “weird shit” in the style of ‘Mind Gardens‘ even though it simply sings the praise of Gubler’s home – but in what a way.  There’s a rolling drone, long-delay reverb, synthesizer, feedback and a massive electric guitar break – it’s holy and it’s a little bit terrifying, a bit like venturing with a light heart towards Hill House, unaware that there are multiple layers of shade lurking in every room.

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