Brother Dege “Farmer’s Almanac” (Psyouthern Records, 2018)

You can feel the heat and humidity in this homage to rough, rural life; the grit, grime and sweat involved in dragging a living out of the ground as a poor sharecropper just oozes out of this latest release from Louisiana’s Brother Dege. Grammy-nominated for his contribution to the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’, … Continue reading “Brother Dege “Farmer’s Almanac” (Psyouthern Records, 2018)”

Frozen Houses “Frozen Houses” (Independent, 2018)

This is the eponymous debut album from Cornwall based singer/songwriter Alex Hill, aka ‘Frozen Houses’. It’s an interesting package, full of confidently delivered songs and some good musicianship but it is something of a strange confection. Consisting of eight self-written tracks the album definitely has an appeal. Frozen Houses is ably assisted by Ashley Height … Continue reading “Frozen Houses “Frozen Houses” (Independent, 2018)”

Van Life: Rennie Sparks (The Handsome Family)

Got to be honest, there probably isn’t a square mile of the US or Europe that Brett and Rennie, The Handsome Family, haven’t covered at some point. The husband and wife duo must have one hell of a relationship to endure that many miles on the road together without serious risk of divorce or mental instability. … Continue reading “Van Life: Rennie Sparks (The Handsome Family)”

Colter Wall + Tyler Childers @Celtic Connections, The Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 3rd February 2018

Tickets for this Celtic Connections show sold out almost as soon as the gig was announced with both artists noted as the up and coming guys to watch. Wall’s debut album was helmed by the current in vogue producer Dave Cobb while Childers’ debut is produced by a man who has benefitted from Cobb’s studio … Continue reading “Colter Wall + Tyler Childers @Celtic Connections, The Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 3rd February 2018”

RS Country asks “what’s real country music?”

And lo and behold, there is no answer, really good article though: “Heard there’s gonna be a new award category,” Sam Outlaw tweeted on Tuesday. “Best Authenticity.” It was a joke dripping with sarcasm, but one that Outlaw is more than qualified to make. Based in Los Angeles, rather than those bastions of country music, … Continue reading “RS Country asks “what’s real country music?””

Willie Watson new album due September

And if this list of musical associates doesn’t impress you then no list will. God you are hard to please. Rolling Stone Country reports: “Joining the ranks of the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and many others over a nearly 100-year-span, modern folk interpreter Willie Watson unleashes a soul-stirring version of “Samson and Delilah,” a … Continue reading “Willie Watson new album due September”

MerleFest 2017 – RS lists the 11 best things they saw

We’re too lazy to reproduce all the photos they took although you can overcome our laziness by reading the original article here. Or you could just scroll here, you’re the boss. Rolling Stone Country reports: “This weekend’s celebration of the 30th MerleFest stirred up a North Carolina homecoming like no other. Native Tarheels and adopted … Continue reading “MerleFest 2017 – RS lists the 11 best things they saw”

Rolling Stone reviews new Willie Nelson track by track

Kind of like a singalonga but readalonga.  The new album arrives tomorrow and RS have been to it in detail.  They report: “Listening to a new Willie Nelson album with a set of fresh ears is almost impossible to do in 2017 – and Nelson knows it. Hovering over all news regarding the Red Headed … Continue reading “Rolling Stone reviews new Willie Nelson track by track”

Gin Blossoms reflect on their classic album 25 years on

If you’ve never heard “New Miserable Experience” and you want a new not all that miserable experience, it really is worth digging out. Nice little piece (well, not so little) in Rolling Stone this morning about the Gin Blossoms classic: “It’s a miracle that the Gin Blossoms’ breakthrough album, New Miserable Experience, exists at all. When … Continue reading “Gin Blossoms reflect on their classic album 25 years on”

Campbell Woods “Oxford Street” (Independent, 2017)

Oxford Street, in this case, is not the glitzy miles long street of vast temples of consumerism, awash with gee-gaws and superficially attractive but ultimately empty and worthless baubles. No, this is an Oxford Street of attractive clapboard houses – maybe in Halifax or Victoria, but definitely anchored down in a small Canadian city, with … Continue reading “Campbell Woods “Oxford Street” (Independent, 2017)”