Paul McClure and the Local Heroes “Paul McClure and the Local Heroes” (Clubhouse Records, 2017)

Given the number of gigs he plays up and down the country it comes as something of a surprise to find that Paul McClure, aka the Rutland Troubadour, has managed to find the time to record anything, but he has, and we should all be grateful for it as the world is a better place for the five songs on this EP.

The Local Heroes is the name McClure has given to his band because membership fluctuates depending on where in the country he’s playing and who’s available.  What they have in common is that they’re all superb musicians and here they’re all marshalled expertly by McClure (he also produced the EP).  All five songs are originals and vary from the upbeat Baby That’s You – a feel good summer song for the ages – to the soulful Weight in Time (with great keyboards from Joel Payne) and his closing road song, Troubadour’s Lament.  He brings something new to that well-worn trope, not shying away from the tribulations of touring but also but also hymning the good parts, of which there are many. ”If I ever make the big time baby I’m talking you all with me” he sings, and while that may never happen he’s making great music, and that’s what matters.  This is the first in a series of three, can’t wait for the next two.  Buy it now.



Great five track EP that shows another side of one of the hardest working musicians in the UK

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