Pete Gow “Where Else Would We Be Going” – come on, get shifting

The first single from Pete Gow’s third solo album ‘Leo‘ (to be released 22nd April on Clubhouse Records), and it’s a high tempo horn laden piece of wonderful.  And for all the hugeness of the sound astonishingly its the product of just three participants with Pete Gow (guitars, vocals), Joe Bennett (bass, piano, organ, vocals, strings, horns) and Fin Kenny (drums). It was recorded and mixed by Bennett at Farm Music studios between March and Dec. 2020 and mastered by Tony Poole.

Joe Bennett made such a contribution to the album that he earned a co-write credit for ‘This City Is A Symphony‘, and he certainly had more time than originally anticipated to add a wider scope to the songs.  This is both a pandemic and a non-pandemic album – the basic tracks for most of the songs were put down in early February 2020, literally days before the world shut up shop, but the expansion of the songs was in part due to the long periods of lockdown.

And this big sound will be available to experience live at a pair of launch party gigs on the 9th and 10th of April at London’s Playground Theatre (W10).  These gigs will see Pete Gow and his collaborators joined by The Siren Strings and The Leo Horns to provide full power all night.

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