Pick of the Political Pops: 2nd South Carolina String Band “Bonnie Blue Flag”

This week we didn’t think things in the political spectrum could get any more farcical. But they did. We like to think that this particular column is read with a healthy dose of scepticism and that regular readers appreciate the (occasionally) satirical nature of it. Things have now gone beyond satire though we feel. Even a scant analysis of the ‘European Problem’ would point out that we are in the mess we are because of divisions within the Blues. It did for Thatcher, Major and Cameron and might very well do for May (this is being written as the votes are being counted in her ‘No Confidence’ motion). They just can’t cope with it and, despite ludicrous claims from all sides of that particular party that they are acting in the ‘national interest’ they are, in fact, acting in the interests of their own. Its up to them of course how they choose to conduct their own affairs but when it comes to the rest of us maybe they should stop marching to the beat of an outdated drum and consider the actual good of all of the people in the country. They won’t, of course, and so this tune – a hopeless peon to a lost cause – is for them.


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