Pick of the Political Pops: Bob Dylan “It’s A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”

This week the great and the good, the mediocre and the medium and the poor and the poorest of the residents of Americana-UK Towers (actually they were all great and good but we like to be inclusive) went on a jolly to the windswept north of the country in order to conduct The Annual General Meeting.At this event we traditionally pour scorn and vent our collective spleen on just about anything we can think of including (but not limited to) ‘Worst Musician I Have Ever Known’, ‘Fellow AUK Writer I Would Cheerfully Murder’, ‘I Once Had This Album To Review And Nearly Tendered My Resignation It Was So Shit’, ‘It’s Your Round – Buy Me A Pint Or Die’, ‘Is It, In Fact, Worthy Of A Nine Or A Ten?’, ‘My Liver Has Died, Can I Borrow Yours’, ‘If That Twat Doesn’t Stop Putting His/Her Tongue Down My Throat I Might Be Forced To Call The Emergency Services’, ‘So What EXACTLY Is The Best Album Ever Made’, ‘Define, If You Will Or Are Able, Americana’, ‘Is It, In Fact, Worthy Of A One Or A Two?’ and the classic ‘Why Do I Even Bother?’.

Much refreshment was had and some hard truths spoken. We resolved most, if not all, of the above questions by agreeing to disagree and then to go about our merry way in the long trek back to Americana-UK Towers. Most of us got wet feet. It rained hard.

In essence I guess we could just have just stayed at home and video conferenced to this tune in the background. That way we wouldn’t have got wet. But it wouldn’t have been have much fun.

Bottom line – the good people that bring you Americana-UK.com do it for the love of it. They don’t get paid, they are truly independent and because of that they say what they feel. That said they always take the feelings of the artist into account. We do this as a public service. We do it because we are ‘amateurs’ – the strict definition of which is not some anti-professional thing or someone who is lacking in professional capability – but (from the Latin Amour) because we love it. Thank you for your understanding.

Now whose round is it again…?

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I am a professional curmudgeon. I don't care and neither should you. Buy me gin and we can possibly be friends.
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Pat Chappelle

I think you’ll find “amour” is French — “amor” is the Latin noun and “amare” the verb, hence “amator” for “lover” (“amatore” in Italian). Although in truth, as we all know, Spanish is the loving tongue, amigos.