Pick of the Political Pops: George Jones “What’s Money?”

This week down in The Bunker in Americana-UK Towers much hilarity was caused when we watched on our Radio Rentals small screen cathode ray tube TV (look it up kids) a statement from The House of Commons from bus driver’s son Say “Jid” Jay “Hawk”. In it he lambasted his former boss, TV personality’s son Boz The Turk, and took aim at the decision to put bus driver junior back in his box for daring to consider that he should have a modicum of freedom to spend (or not spend) the nation’s money as he saw fit.

In the statement he fingered oil rig builder’s son Domino Crumblings as being a bit of an oik because it was he, apparently, who now had his grubby fingers all over the buttons of power and was, in fact, intent on world domination. Apparently The First Lord of the Treasury should, in fact, bugger off out of the Treasury possibly because it was a humble bus driver’s son only chance at a sniff of real power.

Now we don’t actually care about that – any of it. What we do care about is that the fifth richest economy in the world has people using foodbanks. Yep. And folk are dying because of the toxic relationship between people in hardship and a government who won’t properly fund a welfare state. Yep. And the fact that The Blues, most of whom have pots of money, don’t even know what that green stuff is. Yep. And you cannot trust someone who believes that their fiscal nous was honed by hedge fund betting which essentially caused the last financial crash (the Labour Mess of legend). Yep. And is there anybody be they blue, red or sky pink orange who actually believes the lies of people for whom money is – quite literally – no object? Nope.

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