Pick of the Political Pops: John Denver “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”

For this Yuletide edition of Pick of the Political Pops and the last of the year we did consider having a review/round up of the past twelve months. Then we had a word with ourselves and broke open the Christmas sherry in preparation for mixing our favourite cocktail – The Twat. It contains bourbon for that authentic American feel, a large helping of self-righteousness, a sprinkling of snobbery, lashings of sherry because despite it being Spanish it feels very UK, some crushed ice, some crushed hopes and dreams, a garnish of self loathing, a hint of Hai Karate (look it up kids) for the alcohol content, a litre of gin (that doesn’t actually make it into the cocktail it just gives The Editor and I something to drink whilst we are making it), a dash of Angostura because its bitterness matches our own, a dash of dashed ideals, a smattering of faecal excrement (an essential ingredient which will be familiar to our regular reader of this column), a sprig of mint because these days we all increasingly need something Green in our lives, a can of Red Stripe lager because we are mooting changing the focus of the site from twangy singer-songwriters to dub reggae, a small amount of coke (these days liquid rather than powder form) and anything else we happen to have kicking about.

The good news is that nobody died when we dispensed the first batch to our writing team. They lapped it up like anti-vaxxers round a conspiracy theory. Long term effects are unlikely to be anything bad – next year we’ll have been doing this for twenty years so it’s been fully tested. There was an unfortunate amount of fisticuffs whilst we imbibed the foul liquid and its full effect reared its ugly head. The main bone of contention was the tune that would be chosen to represent the ‘festive’ season here in the political section of the site. In the end we went for something that we felt summed up the whole sorry affair that passes for Christmas.

It’s been a fun year kids. Here’s to 2021. Let’s see….

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