Pick of the Political Pops: Joni Mitchell “Big Yellow Taxi”

This week we were reminded again by those who know that global warming is going to kill the planet and take us all with it. Then again we were reminded of that last week and the week before and every week for the past thirty years or more. Here at Americana-UK Towers we are fond of doing our bit and we often recycle the hopes and aspirations of the musicians that send us their stuff on the Compost Heap of Shattered Dreams. At least we are not like that Australian geezer who thinks it will be a good idea to resurrect the coal mining industry or that Brazilian geezer who wants to open up the rainforest to mining concerns or Donny John who… well who knows what he wants this week but its bound to be bad for the environment somehow. The simple fact is that we are fucked – so we are going to do the only thing we know to cope in such a situation. That’s right pour a stiff drink and play some tunes. Joni knew what was happening even back then:

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