Pick of the Political Pops: Laura Veirs “Cannon Fodder”

We’re not big rioters down here at Americana-UK Towers. We prefer to settle our differences by honest, quiet and frequently drunken discussion. Things rarely get out of hand and when they do The Editor is on hand to restore order in his usual calm and collected way by cutting the throats of those with whom he disagrees. It works for us. What we don’t resort to is turning water cannon on people because, well, it’s undignified and makes a hell of a mess.

Someone who thought that using said equipment was a great idea was Boz The Turk who procured a trio of second hand examples at the cut-throat price of £322,000 or so (the vehicles were not fit for purpose and required upgrades of, for example, modifying them to comply with London’s low emission regulations and, bizarrely, fitting them with new stereos). The former London mayor had his fingers rapped by future PM Terry Might who refused to sanction their use on the streets of England and Wales. Clearly that was laying the groundwork for future cooperation between the two. This week present London mayor Red Sid has finally managed to flog off the white elephants for somewhere around £11,000 for their, er, scrap value. Pity that didn’t even cover the insurance premium of £12,000. Hell of a way to keep the plebs in order.

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