Vive La Rose “For She Who Hangs the Moon” (Gestation Records, 2018)

‘For She Who Hangs the Moon’ is David Luximon-Herbert’s first full album release as Vive La Rose, his solo project that began with the well-received 2014 EP ‘Don’t Move, Don’t Speak’. Once again, this release showcases Luximon-Herbert’s distinctive, husky voice; his hushed vocal creates an emotional intimacy that serves these songs well. This is an album to lose yourself in, full of absorbing, dreamy soundscapes that would make a compelling cinematic soundtrack. Continue reading “Vive La Rose “For She Who Hangs the Moon” (Gestation Records, 2018)”

Video Premiere: The Lost Brothers “Echoes In The Wind”

As regular site readers will know from our news item yesterday the legendary Howe Gelb will be joining Ireland’s Lost Brothers for a few dates next month, opening and performing with them.  Here’s a live version of a track from their last, Gelb-produced, album Halfway Towards A Healing.  It’s really very good and the dates are not to be missed.

John Hiatt “The Eclipse Sessions” (New West Records, 2018)

It’s always with a core of trepidation that I approach a new album by a very long-established artist. It’ll be defended to the hilt by fans but often underwhelms most others, due to the natural tendency to compare to previous form. In the end, when newcomers ask for first experience recommendations of such artists, it’s rarely the later ones that are offered with enthusiasm. Continue reading “John Hiatt “The Eclipse Sessions” (New West Records, 2018)”

Chase McBride “Pink Lemonade” (Independent, 2018)

‘Pink Lemonade’ might sound like a flavour your pesky nephew might ‘chuck’ over you from his mechanical mod vape kit but is in fact the second album this year from Montana’s ‘dream-folk’ smoothie Chase McBride. Both music and visual art are the stock in trade for McBride, who follows his muse up and down the West Coast of California, as sporadic in his output as he is uncertain of his schedule of inspiration. It’s made for the classic troubadour existence over the last decade since he first arrived in the counterculture state to record debut album ‘From The Mountains To The Sea,’winning “Best Solo Artist” from the New Times along the way. Continue reading “Chase McBride “Pink Lemonade” (Independent, 2018)”

Set sail with Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss on their maiden voyage

For their fifth album ‘Fair Lady London,’ due for release on the 23rd of November, Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss have teamed up with Del Day and Danny Wilson’s Maiden Voyage record label. To celebrate its release they’re also embarking on another one of their quirky tours – this time of independent record stores, including an ‘Invite Only’ playback at Del and Danny’s Union Music Store in Lewes on November 16th.  Continue reading “Set sail with Hannah Lou and Trevor Moss on their maiden voyage”

Exhibition: Mondo Scripto – The Lyrics and Drawings of Bob Dylan (Halcyon Gallery, 2018)

We all know that Dylan is one of the World’s great songwriters but how many of us knew that he’s also a very accomplished painter, illustrator and sculptor? A new exhibition, currently running at London’s Halcyon Gallery, brings Dylan’s wider artistic output to a wider audience. This isn’t the first time that Dylan’s art has been put on show but what makes this exhibition different is that it is aimed squarely at the fan of Dylan the musician. Continue reading “Exhibition: Mondo Scripto – The Lyrics and Drawings of Bob Dylan (Halcyon Gallery, 2018)”

Howe Gelb to join Lost Brothers on dates next month

Giant Sand main man and indie legend Howe Gelb has been announced as a special guest on the upcoming Lost Brothers Irish Theatre Tour this December. Based in Tuscon Arizona since 1972 Howe has collaborated with artists such as M Ward, PJ Harvey and John Parish, and his band Giant Sand spawned and inspired bands such as Calexico who are part of Howe’s extended musical family.  Continue reading “Howe Gelb to join Lost Brothers on dates next month”

Stuart Smith “Warhorse” (Independent, 2018)

After a decade working as a minister Stuart Smith has returned to music, presenting us with a reflective set of songs about life, family, and his own personal journey into a new world. The record is musically diverse and interesting, with sparkling pedal steel, laid down by Nashville veteran Cowboy Eddie Long, being a particular highlight. The instrumentation complements Smith’s songwriting chops, and helps what may otherwise be fairly run-of-the-mill efforts to pop.
Continue reading “Stuart Smith “Warhorse” (Independent, 2018)”

Joe Stamm Band “Dandelion Woman” – Listen

The title track from the Joe Stamm Band’s recently released EP – it hit the streets on 26th October – opens with menace as a tale of bad choices in love on a trailer park is unfolded.   Mama knew as a glance that “her beauty will fade as she digs her roots into your heart“,  and as the country rock gets harder it turns out that Mama knew what she was talking about.  A dark heart in a murder ballad with powering guitar riffs – does it get any better?