Pick of the Political Pops: Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper “Jesus At MacDondalds”

As most of our regular reader(s) will know Americana-UK Towers is based in The People’s Republic of Liverpudlia. That said we do have brethren/sistren outlying communities in The People’s Republic of Birminghemia, The People’s Republic of Mancaphobia and The People’s Republic of Leysestor. Your regular correspondent in all things Politically Pop is from The People’s Republic of Kenilworthonia – however it’s a very small and insular affair, that one, and any visitors are most likely to be met with burning torches and pitchforks. Best avoided to be honest.

We only bring the subject up because some of the good folk of Birminghemia have, over the past few months, seen fit to take to the streets to protest certain aspects of education. To wit the fact that there are gay people in the world. Who’d have thunk it? We were wondering if this is a widespread phenomena or isolated to certain ‘culturally sensitive’ goegraphs? ” Comments below are, as ever, welcomed and encouraged. For the record The People’s Republic of Kenilworthonia is not affiliated with The People’s Republic of Liverpudlia in any sense other than musical taste (and even that’s a stretch). Or maybe agreeing who should be the next First Lord of The Treasury. Or maybe suggesting a different approach to next year’s Eurovision. Anyway are going with the late great Mojo Nixon for a tune this week. We can all agree on that, no?

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