Pick of the Political Pops: Richard Cheese “Down with The Sickness”

So how’s it going? You OK? Got enough supplies to self-isolate? Keeping abreast of developments? How’s the official response working for you? You being treated OK? Got any worries or concerns? How’s your bruised head after that twat in the supermarket batted you over the head for that last packet of paracetamol? Hopefully you’ve at least got enough toilet roll to get you through…?

What we are finding is this: we are not finding anything. We don’t actually know what is happening. Seriously – we are watching the news and reading the papers and checking our social media platforms and casting some runes but we don’t actually know what the fuck to think or do. So we “think” this is a bad situation but we don’t know how bad. And given that this is a ‘novel’ virus mostly the advice of the experts is a best guess. Yes we know that lots (although define lots) of people will be infected and that lots (again define lots) of people will probably die. Then again lots of people won’t and lots of people will show little or no symptoms or effects. So maybe its time to call for ‘strong leadership’. In normal times that might be taken to mean that one is either for a martial state because the powers that be will take care of us all (said whilst tugging an imaginary forelock) or it might mean that one is against because all civil liberties will be lost and we are under the jackboot of the dictators who we have been resisting all of these years (said whilst protecting our imaginary genital areas from a forceful kick).

The response, world-wide, has been different depending on geographical location. Check this link out to see how one place handled it: Seems reasonable.

Here in the UK we seem to do it in the time-honoured fashion of putting some fat bloke up to talk about how we will, or did, win the war because we are fucking special and nobody should fuck with us. Or at least until they have decided who should pay for it. The general consensus of our betters would seem to be that those with the ability to pay for it shouldn’t. Those who can’t probably will have to. CF: Richard Branson (yes, we know it’s a cheap shot but after all he is a billionaire who wants us to bail out his business whilst laying off his staff)

£350 billion Rishi Sunak? Yeah – that’s our money. Spend it on us: guaranteed wages for all affected (94 quid a week sick pay ain’t going to cut it), suspend utility bills, suspend rent payments, suspend mortgage payments (what do you mean by ‘holiday’? Will it accrue interest?), in fact suspend everything that costs us money when we don’t have the ability to earn it. You said that £350 billion was 15% of GDP on the TV yesterday. So still a lot left then? Of our cash? You are still working for us, right?


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