Pick of the Political Pops: Ry Cooder “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live”

Down here in The Bunker we have a simple sort of justice which applies when one of our number is accused of doing something wrong. They are questioned and then allowed a right of reply. For example: (Q)“It was your turn to take the rubbish out – why didn’t you?” (A) “I am in the process of taking the rubbish out but there was a lot of it and I couldn’t carry it all” or (Q) “You drank the last of the gin – why didn’t you replace it?” (A) “I am en route to the supermarket to replensish supplies” or (Q)“You are a rascist anti-Semite – how can you live with yourself?” (A) “I am a life-long campaigner against racism in all its forms including anti-Semitism”.

This week The Reds appear to have shot themselves in the foot again by suspending one of their number for apparently questioning how they have defended themselves against accusations which appear to be unfair. Now if one is a racist anti-Semite then one would expect to be taken to task particularly (but not exclusively) if on the progressive side of politics. However it seems to be the case that in the current climate one is not allowed to even query the manner of one’s defence and that the act of self-defence is in itself inherently anti-Semitic. We have no idea why this should be but suggest that interested readers might want to google political donations made to key players in this story. The Electoral Commission have a database about such things.

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