Pick of the Political Pops: The Scud Mountain Boys “Silo”

Disastrous news, readers (or reader as we have previously established). It has come to our attention that not everyone in public office necessarily has the public’s best interest at heart. How else does one explain the shenanigans taking place in certain places of late? What with the politicking, the tactical voting, the arguing, the bullying, the threats and the back-biting one could be forgiven for thinking that there are ulterior motives at work and vested interests to be surreptitiously attended to. That couldn’t be could it?

Surely one is in ‘public’ ‘office’ to serve the best interests of, y’know, the public – us… you and me – and not there to service whatever business/political/dogmatic aspirations they might have? Alas it would appear to be the contrary. Someone recently spoke of a ‘special place in hell’ in a certain context. It will be easy to identify the place if any of us should get there – it’ll be full of people unable to smell what with having cut their noses off to spite their face (although perversely they will stink to high heaven).

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