Pick of the Political Pops: Tom T Hall “Sneaky Snake”

We don’t pretend to know much here at Americana-UK Towers and when hunkered down in The Bunker we care less than we know. Except about hard liquor and great tunes. We certainly don’t pretend to know anything about certain conversations that have been had of late between two parties who we shall call A and B. It goes something like this:

A: You are a bad person and we demand that you apologise

B: I apologise for the fact that you think I’m a bad person

A: No. You are a very bad person and we demand that you apologise for that

B: I apologise profusely for the fact that you perceive me to be a very bad person

A: No. You are an horrendous individual. You must apologise because you haven’t already done so and then do something about it to atone

B: I prostrate myself on the ground and beg for your forgiveness that you consider me to be a bad person

A: NO! You are not admitting to the fact that you are a terrible example of humanity. We demand an apology

B: Would it be too much to ask for some evidence of my badness?

A: YES! Your asking for evidence proves that you are a contemptible rogue and possibly the worst person in the whole world

B: But all of my life has been dedicated to the promotion of goodness in people

A: OUTRAGEOUS! You and your acolytes should disappear never to be seen again

B: Erm…

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