Pick of the Political Pops: Tracy Chapman “Talking About A Revolution”

This week sees the one-hundredth anniversary of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg (and her political ally and co-founder of the anti-war Spartakusbund Karl Liebknecht). Luxemburg was Polish by birth but became a naturalised German citizen. She was variously a member of several progressive political parties including The Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Independent Social Democratic Party and The Communist Party of Germany. It was as a member of The Spartacus League (a revolutionary group dedicated to the overthrow of the German Empire at the end of World War I) that she and Liebknecht were apprehended by The Freikorps (a paramilitary group sponsored by the Social Democratic government). They were executed as dangerous subversives (because being anti-war and being pro-socialist are clearly dangerous things) and their bodies dumped into a canal. This (admittedly fairly obvious) tune is for them:

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