Pick of the Political Pops: Wilco “Just Say Goodbye”

So he’s gone then – your part Scottish, part German fellah orange of skin and bouffant of hair. He made sure that they executed some people and that he pardoned some others before he went off. Organised his own military ta-ra before flying to his resort in Florida with his improbable wife. Gave us a wave there on the steps of the helicopter. A bit of a grin on his voluminous chops. Said he would be back in some capacity but it didn’t have the ring of your Schwarzenegger to it. There was lots of discussion on that there news. Many were accusing him of encouraging sedition but it was hardly revolutionary and they know a bit about revolution in the Mericas or at least they did a couple of hundred years ago. Seems like many wont be sorry to see him go except maybe the seventy odd million who voted for him. Those wags in their 6MWE t-shirts and their fur and horn hats. And their flags and guns (which they will now lose thanks to having been arrested and so forth). Those people seemed to like him. He “spoke for them” as it were. They will miss him. They were already missing his tweets and Facebook posts since those platforms deemed it necessary to edit out what he had to say. Clearly we aren’t adult enough to edit that stuff ourselves so thanks for that ‘Social Media Platforms’. If push comes to shove I have to say that we’ll all miss him won’t we? I mean we won’t miss the fact that a fucking psychopath will have access to the nuclear codes, that was a bit worrying, but you can’t say that you haven’t been ‘entertained’ by his output. You all know the frisson of excitement you felt when you thought it impossible for the fucking moron to outdo himself in ridiculousness but then did. It was utterly hilarious albeit with the cushion of four thousand miles of unforgiving ocean between us and him acting as a kind of buffer. Maybe they will retrospectively spank his arse which would be entertaining. Y’know – something to look forward to. Maybe the future will look brighter without him but we are bound to point out that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. isn’t Bernie Sanders. There you go. Can’t have everything. And before we get too smug we have our own fat narcissist cretin to deal with. But for now:


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Once again, some Limey telling Americans how to live.