Pick of the Political Pops: Woody Guthrie “All You Fascists Bound To Lose”

Your regular correspondent has been on a sabbatical of late taking part in something called “The Real World” away from the delights and highlights of the Internet Universe. Trust – it’s a dreadful place. Don’t go there.

Anyway we’re back now and just had a quick look at what’s been going on. As far as we can see there’s a new Prime Minister, who is elected by a small group of self selected individuals, he has a new Chief of Staff who is an unelected bureaucrat and he has taken to sacking people from his own side who have ‘rebelled’ against him despite rebelling on several occasions himself. He has determined to shut down Parliament ostensibly to stifle debate over the Brexit issue and, despite absolutely ruling out a general election, he has announced his intention to call a general election (made complicated by a predecessor on his own side introducing legislation which made it more difficult to do so). Oh and he has been defeated in his first two votes in charge.

We have no idea what is going on but we do know this:

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