John Prine duets with Kelsey Waldon – Watch

We leave you this week dear reader with a lovely clip of John Prine who has released a new video of his 1971 classic song ‘Paradise’ which he plays with Kentucky-born country singer Kelsey Waldon. The song will be released as a 7” vinyl single, with the B-side featuring a cover of the Merle Travis song ‘Kentucky Means Paradise.’ Waldon has toured with Prine in recent years but this is the first time they’ve recorded something in a studio together. Let’s hope it’s not the last. Have a good one.

Sam Outlaw arrives in UK for dates

South Dakotan americana singer-songwriter Sam Outlaw has announced a slew (there’s a word for you) of UK dates from the end of this month, kicking them off in Oxford on 30th. The Guardian described his debut album ‘Angelo’ as “a polished and cosmopolitan west coast take on traditional country music (he’s called it “SoCal country”) with songs that are moody and wry all at once.” We like moody and wry. Continue reading “Sam Outlaw arrives in UK for dates”

Jason Tyler Burton “Kentuckian” (Independent 2019)

Kentuckian is a straight down the middle Americana roots album full of all the delights of the genre. Some stirring playing, acoustic rhythms and rhymes, some keening harmonies, strong blue-collar songwriting all topped off by Tyler Burton’s authentic voice. Starting with the upbeat ‘High Road to Harlan’ the bar is set pretty high as Burton Tyler lays his Ray LaMontagnelike burr over guitar and fiddle with subtle percussion to tell the tale of his 84-year-old father and himself and how the world they share has changed almost beyond recognition to the previous generation.  Continue reading “Jason Tyler Burton “Kentuckian” (Independent 2019)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Fair To Midland “Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow”

As you will know from last weeks ‘Pops’ political party conference season is in full swing. Indeed our own conference continues notwithstanding the fact that (a) we do not represent any political party and (b) there are those in our ranks who wish to ensure that we never reach any decision about anything ever. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Fair To Midland “Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow””

The Jorgensens “The Lexington Stretch” (Independent, 2019)

What a stunner! The opening track to this new album is powerful, pure, alluring and thought-provoking. The first note of the a capella voices will bring you to a standstill, and you will have to stop what you are doing and listen. The beauty of Kurt and Brianna Jorgensens’ voices, complimenting one another exquisitely, is a sound to behold and, ‘If the Sea Was Whiskey’, a cover of the Willie Dixon track, is simply stunning. So much so, the rest of the album almost sits in its shadow. Don’t get me wrong, though; there are several more beautiful tracks. Originally made famous in 1928 by Louis Armstrong, ‘St. James Infirmary’ is elegantly played – even if every time I hear it, I have to look out of the window to see who is knocking. Continue reading “The Jorgensens “The Lexington Stretch” (Independent, 2019)”

Steve Forbert to reissue Jackrabbit Slim on limited vinyl

Just 500 copies of the outstanding second album from Steve Forbert will be available on red coloured vinyl – so don’t hang around thinking about it.  The reason for the re-issue?  It’s forty years since the original release.  Yeah, sorry to be the one to tell you that. Continue reading “Steve Forbert to reissue Jackrabbit Slim on limited vinyl”

Andrew Combs “Dry Eyes” – Listen

Andrew Combs is best known, to date, for his Laurel Canyonesque singer-songwriter albums but this is all set to change with his new album ‘Ideal Man’ which is released today.  ‘Ideal Man‘ sees Combs set aside his acoustic side on several songs in favour of atmospheric synthesisers and distorted electric guitars.  Continue reading “Andrew Combs “Dry Eyes” – Listen”

Shawn Colvin “Steady On: 30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition” (Slc Recordings, 2019)

When Colvin’s debut album ‘Steady On‘ was released in 1989 Americana was barely a thing. 30 years on she has revisited the songs in an acoustic setting. Colvin has been playing many of these songs acoustically in concert for some time, and they also appear on the ‘Live 88′ album, so in some ways this is nothing new. Continue reading “Shawn Colvin “Steady On: 30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition” (Slc Recordings, 2019)”

Peter Bruntnell + Sophia Marshall, Railway Inn, Winchester, 12th September 2019

That the Railway Inn in Winchester has become a hotbed of Americana is due, in the main, to the sterling efforts of promoters,, AKA the husband and wife team  of Oliver and Birgit Gray. Wind the clock back to May 2003 and, in Oliver’s own words, “We started off booking Peter Bruntnell, partly because he’s a mate and partly because he’s a crazed genius.”  Since that seminal moment, Mr Bruntnell has reappeared at the Railway on umpteen occasions and it would seem, based on the packed room, that the good folk of Hampshire are still lapping him up. Continue reading “Peter Bruntnell + Sophia Marshall, Railway Inn, Winchester, 12th September 2019”