PopMatters choses its top americana albums of 2020

Back when we launched our site in 2001 we tended to cover a bit of pop as well as americana, of the power-variety – not such strange bedfellows when you consider artists such as Big Star, Teenage Fanclub or Matthew Sweet, and the beautiful and much missed Comes With a Smile covered both too. Anyway, that’s a roundabout way of saying that the brilliant PopMatters has listed its 25 best americana albums of 2020, and it’s a terrific list with some familiar names and some which haven’t even crossed our well-worn path yet.  You can find the whole list over at PopMatters here.

As an aside, Pop Matters is a women/lesbian/disabled-owned company in some financial difficulty at the moment due to having to move over to WordPress (welcome to our world 4 years ago!) and could really do with your help. You can donate to them here.

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Mark Whitfield has been Editor of Americana UK for the last 20 years while also working in public health as his day job, which has been kind of busy recently.


  1. And when you’ve perused the Americana list on PopMatters, check out their excellent Folk list. And notice there’s some overlap: oh, genres, you are a conundrum.

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