Portland “Stardust” – gone, gone, gone

Photo: Hana Knizova

There’s a definite Mercury Rev dreaminess to ‘Stardust‘ from Portland.  The Belgian duo of Jente Pironet and Sarah Pepels met through a shared student house whilst studying at the PXL Music School in Hasselt and took their band name as a nod to their shared love of the music of Elliot Smith.

Songwriter Sarah Pepels explained the meaning of ‘Stardust‘: “In January 2021, I was heartbroken, I had to leave a lot of memories and a part of my life, my love, behind.  I didn’t know where to go, but I knew, I had to write music to put those thoughts and heavy emotions into. I needed to be alone, so I went cat-sitting at my niece’s apartment. I locked myself up for four days with nothing but the warmth and company of the furry kittens. It turned out to be a very intense and cathartic journey. And so ‘Stardust’, a song that means the world to me, was born.”

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