Rachel Sermanni “Big Desire” – past imperfect

Photo: Gaelle Beri

Rachel Sermanni’s latest album on navigator Records is called ‘Dreamer Awake’ and it was released last Friday. ‘Big Desire’, from that album, is the most recent single and comes via an unusual route being written after a Yoga Nidra (a meditation derived from ancient practices).  The inspiration for the track came from a moment after her practices where Rachel Sermanni communed with her Catholic ancestors and reflected upon the effects of generations of sexual oppression upon them and her, reflecting within the track that “your children carry what you left untold.” 

And if that sounds a little bit hippy and new age-y then send that thought right away – this is a song of funky folk-rock, with a dreamy vocal from Rachel Sermanni.  Albeit the lyrics are somewhat heavier than the smooth rocking sound might lead one to expect.  It’s thoughtful – and Rachel Sermanni shared her thoughts on ‘Big Desire‘, saying “I’m excited and also a little nervous to release this. It’s a bit of a recovering Catholic’s love letter to the ancestors. This song is an embodiment of my attempt at liberation, a decolonisation of sorts, especially for the women.”

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