Randy Mundy “Celestial Skies” (Independent, 2020)

Can this really be a classic, lost album from 1975? Well, the good people at Cordial Records certainly think so, in that they have bought up the rights to some old singles and unreleased tracks from Kansas native Randy Mundy. Mundy himself is still making music, fifty years down the road, and remains entrenched in glorious semi-obscurity. Intriguing. Given the back story, these songs are more than worthy of a listen, that much can be agreed upon.

Mundy’s mid-1970s incarnation is that of an AOR-bound, folksy, blue-eyed country troubadour. He’d fit right in with James Taylor, Cat Stevens and the like.  It’s fair to say that this sub-genre of Americana isn’t exactly as popular as, say, Stormzy right now.  There’s a complete absence of dirt and grit; of the darker emotions that we prefer from our guitar toting lovelies. So to review Mundy requires a large amount of context and equivalence – does this record stack up against the peers of its time? Short answer – yes. The title track is bang on – it stands straight and tall alongside ‘Let Your Love Flow’ or ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ as a super chilled, super melodic, ‘everything’s great!’ 1970s anthem. Opener ‘Sunshine Come Back To Me’ is much the same – floating skywards with an excess of light and air. There’s a handful of more serious tracks, ‘Down In Love’ being such an example, but they’re still very easy on the ear.  Mundy opens up and tries rocking out on tracks such as ‘Power To See’, but it’s a very restrained, AOR exertion. If you like your Americana in double denim and Jesus sandals, then Randy Mundy could well be your guy.

Peaceful easy listening. Take yourself back to 1975; things were better then.

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