Rebecca Schiffman “Song for a Writer” – Listen

A song which is so harsh in its character assassination has no right sounding so damn upbeat and, oh, what can we say but “jolly” ?  Rebecca Schiffman sings sweetly whilst pulling absolutely no punches “what are you using your life for ?” she lightly enquires, later noting that “it’s only you that can change you, but you’ll never try.  That’s why you’re so tragic“.  Ouch. Just imagine being berated by something so darn catchy.  You’d never be able to stop humming it.  Double ouch.

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Sure, I could climb high in a tree, or go to Skye on my holiday. I could be happy. All I really want is the excitement of first hearing The Byrds, the amazement of decades of Dylan's music, or the thrill of seeing a band like The Long Ryders live. That's not much to ask, is it?
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