Red Moon Road “Sorrows and Glories” (Independent 2016)

red-moon-roadRed Moon Road are a Winnipeg based three piece, two guys, one girl, with a wide range of styles. “Sorrows and Glories” appears to be their third CD release and a very worthy and quality piece of work it is. All songs are written by the trio either in tandem or on their own and they cover a refreshing range of style and subject matter. The album opener “Beauty In These Broken Bones” is a spiritual piece full of power in the mould of “Po Lazarus” from the Oh Brother soundtrack with a rousing choir backing.

“Old Things” is a great song about renewal and life generally with a great guitar riff running through it and we even get a history lesson with “Sophie Blanchard 1778”, a delightful song telling a little of the first French aeronaut and the wife of ballooning pioneer Jean-Pierre Blanchard. 1778 was the year of her birth and she met her death in a balooning accident 41 years later – who says you learn nothing from music!

This is one of those albums that you suddenly get after the second or third listen. It really is rich in quality and style with most songs delievered by the female vocals of Sheenia Rattai although the guys can cut it as well with “Planting Trees” being a case in point being a driving country song about the pioneer spirit documenting the life of a settler and “Breathing Slow” musing about following your heart with the great line “you must know where you’re coming from to know where you are bound”.

This CD really is up there with the best and is finished with “Seasons” a lovely tender bitter sweet love song featuring a string quartet called The Fretless.  Lovely stuff.



Wide range of styles on show from quality Canadian trio

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