Red Sky July “Voyager” (Shadowbirds Records, 2016)

red-sky-july-2016Hot on the heels of their album “The Truth And The Lie”, released in March, comes this six track EP from Red Sky July.  The trio has pedigree, with Ally McErlaine being the guitarist in Texas, Shelly Poole once of Alisha’s Attic and Charity Hair of the Alice Band.  Sadly said pedigree doesn’t deliver anything memorable here but rather a nicely produced, tastefully played and but ultimately unmemorable listening experience.

There’s a smattering of pedal steel, some gently plucked guitar and Poole and Hair’s voices work well together but it doesn’t really amount to anything but a pleasant, undemanding listen.  A killer song is conspicuous by its absence and there’s nothing distinctive to set them apart, even slightly, from their numerous peers.  Occasionally there’s the glimpse of potential – a line here, a snippet of melody there – but they need better songs and more grit if there future outings are to truly have substance.



Tasteful but insubstantial set from UK trio

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