Robyn Hitchcock “The Shuffle Man” – Jump cuts (and cats)

Photo: Emma Swift

It would be easy to characterize ‘The Shuffle Man‘ as tuneful and catchy insanity – what can one make in a rational world of  the opening lyrics “I sit out the window / I sit out the law / I’m gonna see what The Shuffle Man saw” ?  And it just gets more unhinged beyond that.  Excellent.  But wait!  Is the shuffle man a critique of the ever hungry to be pleased but too impatient to plough through a full album music fan who grabs the best tracks, streams a playlist or puts some device or other onto “shuffle mode” with a “I love all these songs but I don’t care what order I hear them in” attitude?  Yeah, maybe.  Or, you know, the other one – maybe not.  Did we mention it’s catchy?  Maybe that’s all it needs to be.  It’s from the new album ‘Shufflemania!‘ out on Tiny Ghost Records on 21st October.

And that grinning visage you’re looking at was captured by the incredibly talented Emma Swift.  Can you believe that the PR referred to the subject – Robyn Hitchcock – as a “veteran” artist?  Cheek.  He looks good for a fair few years yet.

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