Ryan Adams fans in the UK speak out: “I won’t go whether I sell them or not”

Interesting piece in The Guardian today following the overnight news that Ryan Adams has been dropped from 6 Music’s Festival, which speaks to a number of his fans about his forthcoming UK tour which is as of this morning still going ahead. One of the interviewees tells them: “I can’t imagine it’s going to be anything other than a disaster or a total circus. The atmosphere is going to be tainted, he is obviously not in a good place, he has a history of reacting badly if the heckles aren’t to his liking, and I imagine while some of the audience will stay away, others will turn up to make their feelings heard. It could be the shortest show in history with one of the most toxic atmospheres.”

One promoter told them: “If the promoter cancelled, it’s a grey area, and a new area, but its 99% likely that the promoter would then be liable for all costs. I do wonder if morality clauses will indeed start to be factored in now.” You can read the whole piece here.

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Peter Reeves

Tour has been cancelled . Hooray